Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Madi Has Surgery

Madi waiting to go back to pre-op. She still has no clue what is coming.

She came very prepared!

Madi taking pictures to pass the time.
The pre-op play area! Thank goodness for this, we would have been in trouble without it.

Getting ready to take her wagon ride to the operating room.
The anastesiologist resident who came to get her

In recovery after we had gotten her all dressed and calmed down.
She was not in the mood to have pictures taken.
What an intense, crazy 48 hour period! My darling little Priss was born with an umbilical hernia that we have always known would have to be repaired, so at her 4 yr check up her Dr. told me that I really needed to get her to the surgeon to have it looked at. I decided that at this time in our life we are fortunate enough to live right down the road from a major teaching medical facility Uof M, so why would we not go there. To say that I love the Pediatric surgery dept of U of M would be a major understatement. The entire facility and staff are amazing. We went Monday for our first apt. with Dr. Jarboe and loved him but also discovered that she had two separate hernias that needed to be repaired. When we went to schedule the surgery I was told that they had an opening the next morning or it would be several months. GASP!!!! Wow not what I was expecting but I still took the apt.. Luckily our dear friend Beth volunteered to keep Bubba Love so we came home to get everything ready for the next day. Madi woke up the morning of her surgery with the biggest smile on her face and in the best mood. Everything was going fine until we arrived at the hospital and she started freaking out! She did well with everything, meeting all of the surgical team and staff until her surgery was delayed almost two hours. At 11 she started asking for food and began naming everything that she sounded good to her poor girl. Finally the resident came with his wagon to take her for "her ride". She willingly went with him and we began our long wait. After around 2 hours Dr. Jarboe came down and told us that the surgery had went very well and he was able to repair both hernias with only one incision. Unfortunately that one incision is above her belly button not in it (she will surely hate me for that in her teenage years). The repairs had been fairly easy to complete and all was well. Then we began the longest wait...RECOVERY!!! Arghhhhh!!! We waited for what seemed like forever before they took us back up to be with her. She was still asleep when we go there and woke up right after the nurse had updated us on her status. She was not a happy camper, but two rounds of morphine and a room and 2 nurse changes later she was much better, just very un-agreeable. After a very long day we finally got to take Miss Priss home around 5pm. It was a long evening but she slept thru the night. She has been very needy but after a fun visit from Erin and Bailey this morning she is now walking on her own and seems to be progressing thru the recovery process quickly. She is not taking any prescription meds anymore and is getting better every hour. She has a few weeks to go before she is completely healed and back to
normal but we are off to a great start.
Thank to everyone for all of your prayers and support.