Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Legend Of Sleepy Howell

The kids with their best friend Sydney.

The City that we live in Howell has a Halloween festival called the Legend of Sleepy Howell that it does every year. The kids were very excited and it turned out to be quite a big production. All of the downtown stores and local businesses set up booths and hand out candy to the kids. There is a live band, costume contest, hay rides, inflatables and so much more. My camera ran out of memory space so I did not get to take as many pictures as I wanted but I guess there is always next year.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Apple Orchard

Erwin's Apple Orchard and Cider Mill 2010

This is the ghost that he was so scared of. Mike said that every muscle in his body tensed up
when he got close and he dug his fingers into his face.

In one area there were only apples on the ground and in very typical Bubba Love style he thought it would be a great opportunity to work on his swing. Luckily, he just wanted to throw them at the trees and not his sister.

The kids loved it when we found trees with apples low enough to reach themselves.

Mike found this beautiful apple with the twigs still on it and he was trying to show the kids how he wanted them to pose for the picture.

We made a couple attempts at propping up the camera for a family pick. Our bag of apples was assisting us in this try.

The kids had a race to the top of the orchard.

This was hillarious! Most of you know of Mike's thinning hair situation and Bubba would take a bite out of his apple then proceed to drool over Mike's thin spot. I tried to make him see the upside: his head would smell apple fresh the rest of the day! He didn't get my humor.

They had a neat three-wheeler track set up.

Miss Priss was so proud when she finally got to the top of the hay pile.

They had the most amazing pumpkin doughnuts you will ever put in your mouth. I do ont eat pumpkin but that things was unbelievable. The apple cider and cider slush was also great.

Oh my floppy haired little man...he has finally started "cheese-ing" for the camera.

Miss Priss checking out the beehive.

So I guess in Michigan you don't go to pumpkin patches in the fall you go to apple orchards/cider mills. Who knew???? Mike actually had a day off and didn't have anything taht had to be done so we took of for Erwins Cider Mill with the kids this morning. We had the most amazing time and other than a small fight over an apple slush the kids were amazing!!!! The place had several things for the kids to play, apple picking, a small pumpkin patch, a corn maze and a haunted barn. We did everything but the haunted barn since we have the two biggest chickens for children. There was a huge ghost and Bubba about took Mikes head off when he got close to it. The kids liked to pick the apples best and Miss Priss made me promise to make an apple pie with her when we got home. We came home with the biggest bag of the most beautiful apples ever. I am actually excited about making my first Michigan apple pie. The corn maze was a blast we had to take a video (see below) of the kids for y'all to see. They were precious discussing which path to take and looking for the pictures. They gave you cards with pictures on it and you had to find the pictures in the maze and circle the 6 images that were located in the maze. Miss Priss of course loved finding the pictures and matching them to the card. Bubba would chime in with his directional thoughts and make us go the way he wanted to occasionally. Bubba Love had some trouble in the maze with his short little legs. We kept on having to pick him up. This was actually the first time we have had a cold pumpkin patch day. When we would go with Shae and the kids we would sweat to death. We had so much fun! This is my favorite time of year and we have a lot going on so hopefully I will have lots of post for everyone in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned!!!!