Monday, June 28, 2010

Priss plays T-ball

Miss Priss participated in a T-ball clinic the month of June. She started of very shy and timid about the whole"group sports" thing and still ended up a little shy
but I thought she did very well.

Coach Jordyn even let Bubba Love participate.
The group huddle at the end of the game.

they got participation medals on the last day.

Detroit Zoo

Mike took off work to take the kids to the Detroit Zoo and they were so excited! We were very surprised at how nice and big the zoo was. The kids had a great time and I think we will definitely be back.
Bubba Love has decided that he is a hat man!

Priss kept on telling us that she needed to check the map to see which way we needed to go.
She could actually tell us which way and what animal was next from the map.

The Farmers Market

Now that Spring/Summer is here it means the farmers market every weekend! They also have live music and for the kids that was instant fun. Bubba Love was convinced that he needed to play with this lady and Priss just wanted to dance. Luckily, the lady thought it was awesome that he wanted to play with her.

Madi Learns to Ride a Bike

So, after our spring trip to Mimi and Papa's it was apparent that we were going to have to get Priss a bike. Bubba Love and I picked it up while she was at school one morning and when dad got home that night we gave it to her. She was so excited!!! She did awesome and it was the beginning of daily bike rides.

We actually had to make her slow down! We couldn't keep up with her!!