Monday, April 19, 2010

The Hexagon Quilt

On the first night we arrived in Winfield at 10:30 pm, after driving for 12 1/2 hrs straight the kids and I were exhausted. I got Bubba to bed and was working on getting Priss settled into my old bedroom when I realized there were no sheets on our bed. I ask Mawmaw where to find some and she came upstairs to help me make the bed and I ask her for a quilt for the bed so we wouldn't have to use the comforter (Priss and I are very warm blooded). She brought me this very simple red and white quilt to use. You could tell that it was very old but in almost perfect condition. You never know when something in your life will touch you for whatever reason, but for some reason I fell in love with this quilt. Everyone knows this one thing about me, that if I want something I ask for it and don't offer unless you mean it because I will take it. As I was loading to come home my last load included the quilt and simply ask to borrow the quilt because I wanted to reproduce it, in my own manner of course. Mawmaw then told me the story of the quilt: my Pawpaw's (that I lived with) grandmother had pieced the quilt front together by hand the year they had gotten married for them and then she had her aunt hand quilt it for her. This would mean that this quilt is almost 50 years old! It made me fall even more in love with this quilt. I am not a sentimental person and I don't keep anything. My grandmother has always said that she is afraid to give me things like this, afraid that in my next move it wouldn't make it. After I assured her I would never get rid of the quilt she told me I could just have it. To say this quilt is now one of my most precious and valued possessions would be an understatement. I love things that have meaning and a story to tell. I just hope that 50 years from now my great, great, grandchildren will have these possessions and stories to tell about me and our family. To think that someone I will probably never meet could have this connection with me would be such a great honor.
Ok, so to end the sappy stuff, I started to work on it almost immediately after getting home ( no surprise there). My interpretation of her quilt is very different but it is how I saw it and what I thought my Miss Priss would love. I tried to maintain some of her integrity in it and hand quilted it together so it has that same appearance about it. Her hexagons are smaller but she didn't have a Bubba Love and Miss Priss running around her while she sewed and most likely she had mountains more patience than I do. Priss loved to watch me work on it, she would get Bubbalicious (her pink pillow that looks like the pack of gum) and lay on my sewing table and watch me sew and tell me how beautiful the hexagons were. It was fun, even though she drove me insane most of the time stepping on it and telling me it was touching bubbalicious to move it, I still enjoyed her being with me and expressing her love for it. When I finished it and had it hanging up she put her hands up on her face and very excitedly said "oh mommy its sooooo beautiful". That is what made all the work with it.
Thank you mawmaw for sharing part of your life with me. I love you with all my heart. You have always been and will always be the world to me. Thank you for giving this little girl all that you gave her and continue to on a daily basis. I would not be who I am without you.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Silly Boy

Priss trying out the new waffle maker MIMI sent us.
Thanks again mimi we loved it.

Bubba has not been wanting to take his naps and this is how I found him yesterday after a 2 hr struggle to get him to go to sleep.
Yes he did this all on his own.

So to say that it has been a crazy few weeks would be an understatement. Mike had worked like 8 days straight until sometimes 9 and 10 o'clock at night then he had a meeting on his first day of then found out that he was going to Hilton Head for a Pro-Am 2 days later. Priss had woke up that Sunday morning with yucky eyes and was still under the weather. So, Mike left on Wednesday and was not returning until Sunday night. I am at home where in the end I and both of the kids end up with the crud!!! On top of it all I have a ton of sewing to do (that is good news) and then more orders came in. I think I did nothing but wipe noses, clean eyes and sew for 5 days straight. On Sunday, I was trying to sew as fast as possible to finish up one set of projects so I could start on my new projects when I got distracted by the kids and I heard this real loud popping sound. I looked down and when my needle on my machine came up I thought "dang it my needle broke" so i went to change it when a saw a little spot of blood on my finger so I went upstairs to get a band aide and when I touched my finger something felt strange and my stomach turned a little. Upon further inspection I could see a white line on my finger, yes you guessed it. I had sewed over my finger and the needle broke of into it. YIKES! When I realized what I had done I immediately called Beth to see what she thought I should do, I am still home alone with the kids, You could not see any of the needle it was completely embedded in my finger. her daughter came over and kept the kids and then I took myself to the ER where, they numbed it x-rayed it, numbed it again, removed it, x-rayed it then wrapped it and sent me home. Oh what fun I manage to find. So, then someone else picked up Mike for me from the airport he is home within 48 hrs we managed to give him our crud now this morning the kids and I are heading south for Easter in Winfield. I have to say I am so excited. I remember what a huge deal Easter was growing up and I have not been home for one in more years than I can remember. I love sharing these memories with the kids and hope that one day they will have the same. So everyone keep us in your prayers as we travel its 11-12 hrs. And happy Easter to everyone.