Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Squirrel's Dress

I told my sister that I would make Squirrel a dress like Priss's and I finished it today. It is completely different yet the same. I love the new fabrics and am definitely going to have to use those on something for Priss. I talked Priss into being my model. Squirrel is much taller than Priss so that is why it is so much longer than hers I am going to work on some pants to go with it tomorrow.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Painter Boy

So hopefully no one gets offended by this picture it was too cute to keep to myself. This is what Bubba Love looked like last week when Mimi and I were painting. Imagine what his clothes looked like if this is what his booty looks like. My silly little man.

Miss Priss's New Dress

This is her "mommy seriously you told me I could go outside if I wore this for you and smiled" look
Look at me I'm hot stuff

She should be picking flowers in this picture not making a snowball to hit me with and yes she did hit me with one.

Priss is always asking me the same question when I hand her something or she picks something up: "mommy you make this for me?" So, I saw this pattern and loved it! Mimi and Mike can tell you that I searched the Internet for hours looking for the exact fabrics from the pattern until I found them. After I finished the dress I made her the jeans to go with it and all in all I think it turned out great!!!!! Obviously it is very springy and the irony of her in that dress with snow in the background I get, but getting her to stand still inside is impossible.