Monday, February 15, 2010

This Past Week

This week has been so crazy! We started of the week by looking at pre-schools and then placing Priss in one. Then on Wednesday I had to get ready for pre-school on Thursday and her Valentine's party, but before I could do any of that I took the kids to the doctor only to find out that they both had infections in both ears and the doctor told me that she believes that Bubba has a heart murmur which we are going to recheck the first week of March. If she still hears it we will have to see a pediatric cardiologist. Woo.....I know, right? Then Thursday morning we dropped Priss of at school then ran home to get our snacks ready to take back to the party at 10:00. Bubba and I got to go to the party which was awesome to see her with her new "friends", who luckily she actually asked me this morning if she was going to go to school today. The party was crazy for someone like me who had never been around that many 3 year olds strung out on sugar in my life. Definitely something to get used to. Thursday night we went up to Oak Pointe (Mike's new club) for a Valentine's Day cookie decorating party for the kids. Priss loved it and Bubba loved the food. They had a great time, though it was 11:30 before we could get her to sleep she had eaten so much "sugar icing"! Friday we spent the day running errands and stopped to have lunch at Olive Garden, yummy, the kids love their food! Saturday I spent the day tearing all the wood off the walls in the guest/office room. The kids thought it was funny to see me being so "destructive". Saturday night daddy took us all to eat Mexican then he gave the kids their Valentine's Day surprise a new fish tank. Priss loves it!!!!! Funny side story about the fish: Mike came to bed last night saying that the turtle (one attached to an air pump so its mouth opens and bubbles come out of it when it is plugged up, priss likes to turn it off when she leaves the room so it can sleep) had one of the fish (tiny feeder fish gold fish we bought to satisfy priss and test the water) stuck in its mouth and we were going to have to get it out. Well, we thought Priss was in bed when she came running into our room saying that "the fish was stuck in that turtles mouth and can't swim and we got to set it free". So we all head downstairs, she is very concerned for the fish, to free the fish. Mike tries his best to get it out but can't. Finally, he takes the turtle completely out of the tank and takes it to the kitchen. I had asked Priss to hold the air pump for me and she looks at me and says "here mommy you hold this for me for a minute so I can help daddy free that fish." Luckily she does not see the part where Mike frees the fish for it to fall dead down the drain and when he puts it back in tank she declares "oh see the fish swimming, daddy saved the fish, oh good work daddy!" It was super cute! OK, Sunday we had some friends come over from Ohio and spend some time with us, and last night we hung out and watched movies in bed. This week is another busy week for us, but I'm thinking that with Priss in school that all the weeks are going to be busy. We have our big "Meet the Pro" dinner at the club Friday night so that will be exciting, hopefully we can find a baby sitter! Then next week Mimi will be here for the week to help me do some painting. Oh yes, this morning I finally took the kids outside to play in the snow for the first time. Crazy huh, we've had 8+ inches for a week and we haven't got out in it. Well, here are the pics of the week ENJOY! Priss with her cards and Valentine's box.

Priss and her "friends" making play-dough

Her card she made Mike and myself

they got to dig in the snow to find those candy hearts to eat

In circle time reading a story.

Bubba having some fun with the big boys

At dinner Saturday night, thinking wow do those two look alike!
Priss loves the mermaids and at dinner she decided to comb her hair like Ariel does!

Fun in the snow at the house!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Miss Priss Starts Pre-School

Priss and I in her classroom.

All the other little "friends" wanted in the pictures!

Priss showing me her cubby with her picture in it.

To start I am sorry the pictures are so terrible, but Priss refused to take any pictures.

Ok, so Priss started preschool today! It has been a hard few months with her and the last few weeks have sealed the deal. I tried to get her in preschool in Evansville back in September but with things being so uncertain I didn't get around to it soon enough and they had no availability. Luckily, there is a church right down the road from us that had an opening in their 3 yr old class so we went and checked it out. It is called Giggle Gang and I love the ladies who work there and it just seems perfect! She was very excited and didn't even tell me bye :-( Bubba and I had a nice relaxing morning and it amazed me what I got accomplished in such a short time period with only one child. I think we all enjoyed the "space". When I picked her up she was very happy and wanted to show me her cubby with her picture in it. I kept on asking her what she did and if she had fun, but she kept saying that she thought she needed to stay home with me next time. It was very sweet and sad that she thinks I need her and she needs to stay for me. My precious baby girl. I ran to Osh Kosh to see if I could find her a second pair of snow bibs (we have to keep one pair at school) and as we were leaving Bubba had wondered off and she called him "bubby come here and hold my hand we are leaving" I think my heart fluttered it was such a precious moment. I do not have a baby any more I have a big little girl. I can't wait to see what all she is going to learn. She has a big Valentine's Day party on Thursday so stay tuned for more pics.