Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I love the heart on her booty!

After waiting for Mike to get home very late and making a few visits the kids finally got to trick-or-treat our neighborhood. We had kids stopping by our house since 3:30 and after we made our stops while waiting for Mike the kids were very anxious. They actually ran out a few times when I was giving out candy. Priss was Bedtime Bear (Care Bears) and Bubba was a pack of Smarties. At first Priss was very quiet, her new thing when we are around strangers is that she stares from me to the person and continually says "mommy, mommy, mommy" you get the idea. So as you will see in the video by the end of the night she had gotten the hang of it and new exactly what to say. We even had her looking at people when she said Thank you. Her lines were "trick-or-treat, I need one for my bubby, please, thank you and happy Halloween then thank you again." all in that order. Then she would say "we gotta keep moving". She would get in get the candy then get out. I told her we could only go to houses with lights on so then she started telling me, "look for the lights mommy, come on we gotta find those lights, keep moving". She was very focused and made sure we all stayed focus. It was adorable the way she never forgot to ask for Bubba Love one and when she didn't think he was getting one she would just share hers with him first. Bubba Love was able to sit back and enjoy all the candy his big sister was getting for him. He didn't get out until our last few houses. Its moments like those that let you that you are doing something right and make all the bad moments worth it all. It amazes me how much my babies have grown and makes me sad to think how big they will be next Halloween. Well, we had a wonderful time and now that the kids are asleep Mike and I can dig in the candy for the stuff we like. Happy Halloween.

Pumpkin Fun

WOW, how can you even compare the two pictures!
Fall 2008, what a difference a year makes! They were such babies.

I am way too cool for this

I believe Priss was saying something like" my knife won't do that mommy"

It was so dark that they couldn't see me just a flash of light so

neither one of them were very still.

We finally let the kids carve their pumpkins on Thursday night. Priss really enjoyed it and thought it was pretty cool that I actually gave her a knife (butter, of course). Bubba would come and go and finally decided that his favorite spot was on top of the table watching everyone else work. Both of the kids kept on eating the raw pumpkin. We finally got them all finished and they turned out nice. I'm excited to see the kids trick-or-treating tonight. Its amazing what a difference a year makes in their lives. Priss is so shy right now I am not sure what she will do and Bubba doesn't meet a stranger. Happy Halloween to all who celebrate this fun night for kids.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend Away

Thanks to the help of Mimi keeping the kids, Mike and I had a few days away this past weekend and traveled to Michigan. The Steelers played the Detroit Lions so Mike and I went to the game. Mike was like a little kid, sooooo excited and beaming. We scalped the tickets once we got there and actually got a really good price for our seats, I still can't believe we paid $30 for parking. I about told him I would drive around and he could go by himself. The smile on his face was worth every penny. I was expecting him to be much more loud at the game but he kept on saying that he was taking it all in. Poor guy he was stuck with me, this was the first football game in my life that I have ever watched from start to finish. Needless to say, I was not much company. It was interesting to see all the fans and how they interact with each other. We had a wonderful time away and it was not to do something for ourselves and with each other for a change. We went and say Couples Retreat one night and it was tooo funny any young married couple needs to see it or any married couple in general needs to its hysterical. Now we are home and so happy to be back with the kids. They haven't let me out of their sight since I came home, Mike had a meeting and couldn't come in with me. It may be a long couple of days for me. It was all worth it. Thanks again to Mimi for keeping the kids. Thanks Friend for loving me and still wanting to spend time with me I love you!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Big Kids

I have been asking Mike quite a bit lately, "who are these people and what have they done with our children?". I would truly like to know when these imposters took Miss Priss and Bubba Love's places. Maybe my title should have been "Missing two children:Reward if found". It is hard to believe that they are so big! Bubba does everything that Priss does and seems to get bigger everyday. Which according to Mike, who BTW is now the expert on the kids, it's because he eats like a horse. I do beleive that Mike is now worried about how we will afford to feed him for the next 18+ years. The kids overall are doing great, growing, laughing, crying and giving me daily headaches. Just what they should be doing on a daily basis.