Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Girls Weekend In The City

This Past weekend the guys kept the kids and Brenda(my mother in law), Jen (my sister in law) and myself flew out to Chicago for the weekend. I met Brenda in St. Louis Friday evening and we flew out early Saturday morning and Jen met us there. We had a wonderful weekend of shopping, sight seeing, eating and more shopping. There was no rest involved in this trip just fun. Everyday we would get up and leave the room early and not go back until time to go to bed or just to drop of bags when we had shopped too much to carry. We were three girls in the City with nothing to do but have fun. We didn't get a car and we walked or took a taxi every where we went. We ate a lot (Papa & Nana Bama will like that) and shopped a lot. It was very nice just to be able to go where the wind takes you and not worry about naps or bedtimes. the first day we went to a couple of fabric stores and got some beautiful fabrics for my next few projects. Did some shopping then went down to Navy Pier in the evening. We were exhausted by the time we got back to the room around 11:30ish. The second day we had breakfast at The West Egg an amazing little breakfast spot then headed off to catch the double decker trolley tour. The tour was amazing, we could hop on and hop off whenever we wanted so we got to see a lot more and cover much more area than we ever could have walking. We had real Chicago pizza for lunch, then went up in the John Hancock building at dusk which is a must if you ever make it to Chicago. It gives you a 360 degree view of the city and we got to see it in the day light and at night with all the lights on. Then we went to the grand Lux Cafe for dinner and that was wonderful. The third day we shopped all day until time to head back to the airport. We had such a wonderful time and were already planning our next girls weekend. Every where we wanted to go we kept on thinking that the guys would want to go on those. We are thinking Massachusetts next year! We had the best time. I haven't laughed that much and just thoroughly enjoyed myself that much in a long time it was exactly what I needed. Although, I need a day to recuperate from the trip I am so tired today. Mike and the kids did very well without me but I believe they were glad to have me back. Here are the pictures from the trip and most of them are of the sights, but everything was beautiful I couldn't resist. I am not the greatest at remembering names so just enjoy the sights. Here we go off to Chicago.................................. This is an actual man, every time you put money in his bucket he moves. He had some kind of whistle in his mouth so that when he moved it sounded like a robot. He was awesome!!!
We had to stop in for Cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory.

This is the Water Tower in the middle of Michigan Avenue. It is one of the only structures that survived the great Chicago Fire. It is still the working pump for Chicago's water source.

Our view of the city from the Ferris Wheel.

Here are a few shots from our ride in the Ferris Wheel. It is a massive piece of machinery. But oh so beautiful. I have been to Navy Pier in Chicago when I was much younger, but it was much more beautiful than I remember.

Brenda and I taking in the view of the city.
Jen and myself. Every time we would move to take pictures I thought I would pass out. I am terrified of heights or at least the fear of falling from them.

A view up at the Ferris Wheel

This puts in perspective how small we are and this isn't near as tall as some of the buildings..

The Chicago Tribune building.

The oldest Cathedral.
The John Hancock building was my favorite of all of them.

This is the actual statue from the movie "Ferris Buellers Day Off"

Isn't the curve amazing? It was that way on both sides.

They called them the corn cob towers. They are residential complexes.

The "bean" is one of the many pieces of art on display in Millennium Park. When you go underneath it you can find yourself reflected like 5 times.

The Chicago Trump Tower. You can own the top floor for a bargain price of I believe only 32 million. I'm thinking of making it my summer home. HAHAHAHAHA

I don't know if you can tell but the building in the middle has like five different angles in the middle of it. It was really neat.

The USA's largest fountain modeled after one in France I believe.

This is one of the many cathedrals that we saw in Chicago. I may not be Catholic but this is definitely beautiful.

On Sunday night we went to the 96th floor of the John Hancock building to take in the view of the city. It was absolutely beautiful. The windows went from floor to ceiling so it looked like you could walk of the edge of the building. It was unbelievable and terrifying all at the same time.

we stopped in the Bubba Gump Seafood restaurant looking for Bubba Love a shirt; we didn't find one for him but Jen and Brenda insisted that I get this one for myself. In case you can't read it it says I (heart) Bubba. So the next day we went to the Hershey's store and I insisted that Jen get this shirt for herself since her sons name is Reese. It's a Reese's Peanut butter shirt. She kept on insisting that she looked like a pumpkin that loved candy. We got a few good laughs out of it!

One of the many views from the top of the John Hancock building.

A guy in Millennium Park was giving these "thought bubbles" away for people to write their thoughts on to have in their pictures. It was not the most convenient thing to carry around but it was a neat idea. I can't wait til the kids get older then I can let them right their wacky thoughts on them. This is actually the only time I used it. I do love the idea though.
Thank you to Mike for keeping the kids and so eagerly letting this trip happen and to Judi for helping him Saturday. This trip wouldn't have been possible without you both. Thank you to Brenda and Jen I had an amazing time and can't wait until next year.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Car Seat Cover

Here is a picture of the Car Seat Cover I made for Miss Priss her old one was falling apart.
I am already looking for new fabrics for them both for the winter!!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Miss Priss's blanket

I made Priss a new fuzzy blanket to snuggle with today. I wanted it to be large enough to cover her whole body plus room to grow since her old one is so small. I picked up the fabrics in Hilton Head and fell in love with them. I love the final result, even though I thought I would throw it all in the trash before I finished the fabric was so hard to work with. Now I get to start on Bubba's since I have already bought all the supplies. Oh well, another day!