Monday, August 31, 2009

My Memory Bear

Just to prove to those sceptics out there that I truly made it myself. You can see the mess,
the sewing machine and the mangled bear.
The bench that inspired it all.

The finished product!

I loved the way his feet came out.

He still needs eyes and a nose, but that will have to wait until I can get to the craft store.

I know that we all have those random memories that something in life triggers in our minds; a few weeks ago when Brenda was here to put up corn she found something that did just that for me. There was a county Antique & Flea Market that she spent some time at (when she was suppose to be shucking, silking and cutting off corn) and she came home with this beautiful bench made from Jenny Lynn baby beds. I loved it and finally found a place for it, but just looking at it I knew that it needed something to sit on it. These bears that my mom made were suddenly embedded in my head. For those of you who know me well, know that I do not remember much of my childhood, but theses bears were perfect images and memories. I could remember everything about them, the fabrics, the tea-stained look they had, the lace tied around their necks and more specifically these wooden hearts that my pawpaw would cut out that had writing on them my mom would hand paint and then the twine used to hang them from their necks. It was unreal! I have never touched a sewing machine, so the idea that I was going to make these bears was a little crazy, but I wanted them, one for Priss and one for Bubba Love. Brenda and mom helped me track down the pattern and then Brenda and I found a quilt shop and picked out my fabrics. Still I do not have a sewing machine. I have always wanted one, but I have never had the time and I didn't realize how affordable they are. So finally I got my first sewing machine. With some scrap fabrics and a very good instruction manual full of pictures, I began to sew. It is very relaxing and frustrating all at the same time. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! My favorite thing has always been to read, but with the kids so little its just not possible. This is my new hobby, I actually ask Mike at dinner tonight if we could get a converter for the car and I could sew on the way to and from South Carolina. He laughed at me and I suppose the image of me and my sewing machine in the car for 14+ hours with the kids is slightly humerus. Anyway, I sat down this morning and decided I might as well dive in to my bears I had everything I needed so it was now or never. Mrs. Judi stopped by to look at an issue I had with my machine and explained some pattern cutting tips to me and then I was off. I can honestly say that from first stitch to last I did it by myself. I still can't believe that I did it. I grew up in a family of crafty women. My mom can do anything she wants, mawmaw sews and yet somehow no one ever thought to show me how. Oh well, now I know. Priss is in love with the bear that she calls a "Care Bear" and is adamant that she wants me to start on hers. I will get hers done soon but it will probably be after our trip to SC. Bubba Love's bear is not perfect, but I think he turned out fantastic for my first ever sewing project. Now, I have something to give my children that hopefully they will cherish for forever and I can't wait to teach Priss how to sew. Hopefully, between now and the age that she can start, I will be better and can teach her. Thanks to everyone who helped.
On a side note: I have lots of pictures I will get put up soon.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Little Climber

Ok so Bubba climbs on everything these days. Here are a few pictures that I took with my cell phone of him climbing on everything. If the house gets quiet while he is awake you have to start looking for him because most likely he has climbed up on something. Either that or if he starts screaming you know he has gotten himself stuck on top of something.


Bubba on the potty
Priss posing for a picture in her new outfit.

Going by the Oak to see daddy for lunch.

Well, we are alive for those of you who have been wondering. I think for the past three weeks Mike or I one have been sick with something we just can't seem to shake it. The kids have been ok so I guess that is all that matters. Nothing much going on otherwise. I have been working with Priss on potty training a little but it is very frustrating and I get overwhelmed with her stubbornness very quickly. I think I could train Bubba Love quicker than her. He will definitely sit on the potty 5 times longer than her. Well, that is pretty much it for now. Hope everyone is well.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Katie Day Photos

The Pictures Are In

Go to and click on client proofing and the password is meleah...... they are absolutely amazing. Katie Day did such an amazing job!!! Let me know what you think.