Sunday, July 19, 2009

BLog Name Change??????

So you may be asking yourself, "Why would she change the name? What prompted this?" Well, the other night Mike and I were talking and I was relaying all the crazy things the kids had done that day. This is very typical of an evening for us, the kids have always done some interesting things during the day. We were joking about it and I said "Oh the adventures of Priss and Bubba" and how many more there will be in our future. I said it was like that cartoon The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. So, there you have the new name. Yes we continue to grow in some ways, but this is the permanent size of our family so in many ways we are no longer growing. Now we are of to take on the world one adventure at a time.

The Birthday Day

The Birthday Prince

The candle was his favorite.

Yuumy another cake.

That's right I can play and eat my dinner at the same time.

Ready to get his selections and go home. you can see daddy already playing with one of them.

This was his favorite but he kept on trying to eat the letter magnets.

He loved this ball.

I know some of you are thinking, "Boy, I wish someone made this kind of production of my birthday" or maybe some of you are thinking "Thank goodness no one makes this kind of porduction of my birthday." Well, a little boy only gets one first birthday. I'm not sure who it was but I remember someone saying one time that it was a contradiction because we only get one of each birthday we have so that would imply that every birthday should be just as special. Well, in the Strain house if that is the case then yes every birthday will be this special. We had such a good day with Bubba Love he is so big and trying to talk so we have a lot of fun with him. His favorite thing currently is paying his sister back for all of the mean things she has ever done to him and boy is she getting it. When Mike got home we took him to eat at Ritzy's and then on a shopping spree to Toys'R Us. He had a ball running thru the store looking at everything. We got him a basketball set and Mike found him a truck of some sort, Because "every little boy needs a truck". He had fun that night playing with his cake and then learning how to use his basketball set. I was amazed at how quickly he picked up on it. Priss even did great about letting him play with it on his own..

Yes,we have now added the water to the bottom so he can longer pull it over on himself. After this it just became a game of who could pull it over the most. Then they would jump on the frame of it while it was down. Oh, the joys of having yound children. There is never a dull moment you never know what expect next.

Bubba's Cupcake Cake

Would you like a lick she asked me at one point.


It may not be perfect, but he won't care its as close to a cupcake as I could get it.

Priss was certain that she could crack the eggs herself, it took a little convincing
for her to let me do it for her.

Tuesday Priss and I made Bubba Love a cake, because every kid should have a cake on their birthday. Birthdaus were a huge deal growning up. Matt and I pretty much share a birthday (sept. 8th & 9th) so we always celebrated together which I'm sure made the parties a little bigger than they would have been. I very vividly remember so many of them and what a big deal mom made of our birthays, even after the divorce we still had large parties (maybe with a little akwardness) we were young it didn't bother us too much. Anyway, the parties were always awesome and we always had a cake, mom does beautiful yummy cakes. It was fun and something I want to do fro our kids. Memories, they can never replace and ones we will always have about them and how they change from year to year. Priss, loved helping me and really liked licking the beater. Silly Priss. When we got done that night she was looking at the cake and on her own she started singing the happy birthday song for Bubba. I'm not even sure where she heard it. But she knew it and wanted to sing it for him. It's a moment that lets you know that you are doing something right as a parent and that your kids are so loved and special. The fact that they love each other its icing on the cake so to speak. She then decided she wanted daddy to help her sing.Well enjoy!

Yes Shae Shae we know she needs those hair nets, maybe you should move your order up from her birthday.

B'Day Weekend Pt. 2

Bubba's first ride Sunday night in his new trike. Let me tell you he thought he was hot stuff. He would prop his feet up above the wheels I do beleive his thoughts went something like this...."Ladies there is a new cat in the neighborhood just get in line. This is my new ride and if your nice I might take you for a spin!" Wink Wink Wink Ok maybe not but you never know he is such a flirt! He smiled and giggled his way around the neighborhood.

"Finally, I get to play with my new care! Where are those kids I better run and hide before they see me with it and take it away"

Madi's final war wound from cousin Reese right before they left. The product of a nasty balloon fight.
Doing his morning stretches. "That's right ladies I am a secure enough man to sport a pink paci, eat your heart out!!!"
The birthday boy getting some snuggle time with Mimi
Lots of babies in a bed

Hopefully, these pictures will not get me kicked out of the family. Everyone knows that any pictures taken are fair game for the blog its the waiver you sign when you enter our lives.

Anyway, these are some snap shots I took the last morning everyone was here. There were so many of us that every morning the first ones up with kids would end up in bed with me, Mike went in very early every morning, and we would let the kids play and watch tv until everyone else woke up. This morning we all were there except the men. It was a very good weekend, I find myself enjoying the time with family even more than normal. Its like the calm before the storm, something is coming, things are going to change, and sooner than later I believe. Just call it woman's intuition. I just know that the days of family at b'day parties and family coming over for the weekend and and for quick visits are almost gone and who knows where we will be. It has been a wonderful time, I think that God gives us special blessings from time to time but then when He sees fit it can be gone for reasons that at the time we may never understand. Evansville has been a special blessing for me, maybe more of a trial for Mike, but for the kids and I definitely a blessing we will thank Him for forever. I am not foolish enough to question why, when it comes time for us to move on. I have been praying for 7+ months for God to provide Mike with job security whether it be to save Oak or provide something new, so we will see what the immediate future holds, and continue to be thankful.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My "BABY" Brothers

Kyle & CarolineKamren
Can you believe that these are my two BABY brothers!!!?!?!?!?!
Kyle just celebrated his 15th birthday, which is almost too much for me to think about. I still remember the day he was born, how I use to dress him up like my baby doll, and this first time I was playing airplane with him on my feet and sent him flying thru the air. It is very hard to believe that he is old enough to be driving and dating.
Kamren will be 9 this year! I was 17 when he was born and was lucky enough to get to spend around 9 months with him when he was only 2. We were best buds, he was like my own little boy. Living so far away from them and starting college right after Kam was born has made it very hard to see them the past 7 years. It seems like yesterday that they were babies, it is very surreal for me that they have grown up so fast.
Mom and the boys are coming to spend the last week of July with us and we are so excited. Priss loves the boys and Kyle has never got to visit us. He is always playing some sport so he doesn't get to travel with mom and Kam very often. I have a very busy week planned for us, as it is there last week of Summer so I want them to have a great time since they chose to spend it with me. I love living close enough that my family can come visit. This past year and a half has been wonderful. I am not crazy enough to think that it will stay this way so I am soaking it up while I can. There is no telling where we will end up next north, south, east or west your guess is a good as mine, but I will always have these memories with my family. I am counting down the days boys! 8 more to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bubba's B'day Party

Everybody enjoyed the fireworks at the end of the night. Maci even got to come over for it.

Hallie Kate and Kellen went inside when the fireworks started but they pulled chairs up to the windows to watch they just didn't want to hear them.

Bubba trying out his new try-cycle that Mimi and Papa Strain gave him.

"Hmm, I wonder what this square thing does?"
Bubba loved his maracas, I told Mimi she gave him some weapons to use on his sister.

"Mom, would you please tell all these kids to let me see my new toys?"
As you can see bubba had more than enough help getting his presents open. At one point his cousin Reese was handing me toys that he had opened. Poor Bubba maybe by Christmas he will be able to keep them away from his toys.

Big sister making sure he knew how his new tool bench worked that D & T gave him.

He was so tired he just wasn't sure he could make it through the presents part. He snapped out of it pretty quickly when he saw the older kids circling in to take care of them for him if he wasn't up for it.

"Boy.. that cake was good!"
The older kids got to have a water balloon fight...unfortunately the balloons that took Mimi and Papa Strain an hour to fill only lasted a few minutes. Never fear though Priss batted her eyes and said "Papa you please blow up more bawoons for me" and you better believe that within a few minutes the fun started again.

Mike was tying to encourage him but everytime he would stick his finger in the cake or put some in his mouth at first he would just cry.

Nolan and Keagan having their dinner too bad their moms wouldn't let them have cake.

Trista and Daniel he decided to be goofy as usual even though I told him it would make the blog.
the kids table...Mimi and I found these adorable children's picnic table and it came in handy. Sometimes Priss will ask to eat outside by herself on it.

Mommy, Daddy and the birthday boy.

Bubba modeled his shirt that mom and Mrs. Judy made for him. It turned out so cute. Thanks again for the help Judy. We missed you Ms. Molly!!!! :-(

Last Saturday we had Bubba's B'day party here at the house. It rained all morning and then turned out to be the perfect evening for it. We had the backyard decorated and all of our close friends and Mike's family made it for the party. We had such a wonderful time with all of our friends. Thank you to everyone who came and helped and made it a wonderful, memorable time.
Happy Birthday Bubba Love