Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I know it has been forever and some of you are waiting for beach pictures. Sorry!!!! Things have been crazy since we have returned and with my two children being so active these days I never seem to accomplish what I would like to in a day. Whatever Priss is doing Bubba is right behind her. Well, these were just a few of my favorites.

Here is a video that Mike made enjoy!!!1

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Anniversary Friend

Last Thursday was Mike and I's 4th anniversary. I just wanted to tell Mike how much I love him and thank him for the past 4 years. It has been a wonderful journey. Thank you for everything! I love you and can't wait for the next 4! I love you. Happy Anniversary!

A quick trip to Mimi & Papa's

The kids and I ran over to Mimi & Papa's for a quick trip this past weekend. We even got to pick up cousin Reese so he could spend a few days with us. The kids love to play outside at Mimi & Papa's and on Friday we took the kids to Silver Dollar City in Branson. We all had a wonderful time. Well until I road the kid roller coaster and hurt my tailbone. I'm not sure who decides what makes it a children's roller coaster but I believe they should check into that one. Thanks for a wonderful trip Mimi & Papa!

Bubba Love's Bump

Bubba Love is going through a very clumsy phase! He is constantly falling and bumping his head on something. I was unloading from our trip to the Zoo and he hit his head so this is what I came up with to keep the ice on the spot. He wouldn't let me hold it on his head but didn't mind the headband. Thanks Priss for letting us borrow yours. My sweet little man. I though these were too cute to keep to myself.

Louissville Zoo

Last Monday Mike had a tournament in Louisville and the kids and I tagged along and went to the Zoo. They had a wonderful time as always. Priss was petrified of the monkeys and would barely even go in the rooms where there were. I have never seen her so frightened. Bubba thought they were pretty cool and would tap on the glass at them. We had a great time and hope that next time the polar bears are there. Unfortunately Mike did not do so well. Sorry friend you will get them next time.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Bubba's 1st haircut

I was having my hair trimmed yesterday and decided that while I was there I would have them trim Bubba's. I wanted to cry he looks so much like a little man now. I can not believe that he is almost 10 months old and I have been working on his birthday party. He was sooo good while she cut his hair. Although he did have about three pretty ladies standing there oohing and aahing over him. The troubles of the beatiful. He laughed and giggled the whole time. Well, until she got out the buzzers for his neck and ears then he kept looking around trying to find the noise. Enjoy we are of to the Louisville Zoo today with dad who has a toury to play in.