Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Snacks for BIG Kids

Well it is no secret that my Bubba Love is growing up entirely too fast. The other day Priss decided to share her snack with Bubby as she calls him and wanted to sit at her chair. Bubba quickly walked up to investigate when he saw her eating. He sat there with her the whole time and showed him how to dip in the cheese. She did not appreciate it when he put his whole hand in her cheese though. The sharing of the cheese quickly ended. They sat for a long time and she talked to him and he ate. She is becoming such a sweet big sis.

Priss and the Stitches

What an eventful morning. I was on the phone with Mimi when Priss came in the back doors crying and that is when I saw the puddles of blood she was leaving behind. I'm not even sure that I said anything to Brenda or if I just hung up. I ran with her to the bathroom to find that she had sliced open her toe the underneath part right where it bends and the foot begins. It was awful to say the least. I still can't believe that I did not pass out. I tried to get Daniel from next door (a firefighter) to look at it but he was in town so I frantically called for Mike to come home fairly certain that stitches were needed. Mike confirmed my thought when he saw it and we rushed her to the Dr. Wood's office. It was not good and I will spare you the awful details I don't think my heart or my head can bear to re-live it. She is home now with stitches all the way across the bottom of her big toe. Hopefully she will continue to be so good and calm. For now she has her dad sequestered in her room with her and is hanging on for dear life. every time I go in to see if they need something she grabs hold of him and tells me to go away. I wonder if she will allow him bathroom breaks? Hmm, anyway! She will probably not be able to walk for a day or so but she will get her stitches out next week. She needs to do some good recuperating before the big beach trip. Say many prayers for all of us. I'm sure it will be a tough couple of days.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Walking & Talking

Hi everyone I know that it has been forever, Sorry! Things have been crazy around here. Most days I feel like I am loosing my mind. Well, I wanted you to see what Bubba and Priss are up to these days. I can only tell you so much so I thought it might be more fun just to show you.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


As many of you know we go to church on Saturday night so tonight was our Easter celebration. We went to church then after the Hahn's came over for dinner. It has been one year since we started at CFC thanks to an invitation from the Hahn's and the night our friendship with them started. Thank you for all that you have meant to our family this past year. We look foward to many more with you. Happy Easter everyone.


Priss's obsession with band-aides has almost reached an unhealthy level. The other day I had to take a meal to a new mom that was quite a ways away from our house and on the way home she asked for a band-aid. I was in rush hour traffic so I just handed her the box. Well I guess this is what you get when you keep a 2 yr old in the car for over an hour just riding.

It seems that my sweet little Bubba has been finding himself in more trouble than ever lately. During our play date Priss took some doughnut holes and sat them on the ottoman and Bubba quickly found them and started chowing down before he had a chance to get caught. He was hiding his head on the other side of the ottoman and then when he heard me he peaked around at me and smiled. He thought he was really getting away with something. I find it so intriguing that they have the hiding instinct so young.

Fun With Friends

I know that it has been weeks since these pictures have been taken but ever since my surgery it feels like time has i don't know if I feel like it has zoomed by or started crawling I feel like I'm in a time warp these days. Anyways, the gang came over and dyed Easter eggs with us and then the girls had fun by running around with the water hose for a while. Betsy, yes believe it or not I have just taken these pics of my camera 5 minutes ago. Pathetic I know you don't have to say it.

Dad and the Tunnel

During our brief stint in Missouri one time Mike and Priss went to Target and this is one of the items they came back with. Bubba loves it more than Priss ever thought about liking it but she does seem to like it more when her brother is in it. They even got Mike in it and Priss thought that was the best. In one picture you can see Priss's foot in Bubba's face. Its every man for himself in the tunnel..


I just wanted to show off the finished product of the Piano. I have to say I am very proud of it. I also have to thank Judi for all of her help. Thank you so much Judi for all your help, love and support I would be lost without you.