Thursday, February 19, 2009


Motivation...isn't that what life is all about? What are we motivated to do today? Well, I am going to try to give Daddy & Denisa some motivation. They are coming over for the weekend and I am soooooo excited. I have been away from home for 3 1/2 years for college and now almost 4 years of marriage and believe it or not I think this is the first time they are coming to visit me when I was not moving and there was packing or unpacking to do or I had just had a baby. I have never gotten to just hang out and enjoy a visit with them. So, when I found out they were going to get to come over for the weekend I was very pleased. Last summer when we went to the beach Denisa had Paula Dean's chocolate fantasy magazine and this cake was on the cover and I promised her that if she ever came to visit I would make it for her. Keeping my promise when they came the week after Bubba was born I made it. My mother in law fussed at me the whole time telling me I should not be on my feet but I made it. It was fabulous!!!! Well, in (now) tradition I made it again this afternoon for Nana Bama. See, Daddy and Denisa do not travel like most of us. Their 5 1/2 hr trip will go something like this: get up and pack, get on the road, stop on the way out of town for breakfast, make it to Huntsville (2 hrs) stop at Cracker Barrel for "brunch", make it to the town outside of Nashville, stop and grab a snack and get gas, make it to Henderson (20 mins from my house) stop and maybe grab something sweet and stretch legs, 8 hrs later finally make it to my house. And that is if they do not see any interesting billboards on the way. Well, I may be exaggerating a little but not much I can assure you. I'm hoping that this cake and the kids will motivate Nana Bama and dad to get here a little faster. Drive careful we can't wait to see you!
We will give you 6 1/2 hrs to get here then for every 30 minutes later we may have to start taking slices of cake hostage. HAHAHAHA just kidding. Take as long as you need we are just counting the seconds. Love you guys. We will be sure to enjoy some cake for everyone.

Priss & the Brownie

I made brownies on Monday and Priss absolutely cracked me up with them. She wanted a brownie but as soon as she got one Aubrey Mae started chasing her around. So, to eat her brownie in peace she built herself a fort in the pillows of the couch to escape her. Every time Mae would get close she would tell her No to leave her alone. She is such a boss these days.

Mommy Priss & Sick Bubba

Bubba has been quite sick the past few days with a cold/croup. Yuk, I know. Luckily, Priss has not caught it so far. He woke up Monday night coughing with fever and sounded like his throat was bothering him. By Wednesday morning he barely had a voice and continues to sound very horse. He is doing better today so I hope that he will continue to improve. Unfortunately for Priss that has meant that we could not leave the house. So, she has been entertaining herself other ways. I still have the pack & play in our room from Mimi''s trip and decided to just leave it up since my dad and Denisa will be here tomorrow. Priss has been climbing in it with her baby dolls and playing. One time she was stuck hanging on the side and was yelling "Daddy, help me, help me daddy!" She continued to yell this until he came and helped her.. It has been a long week but we are looking forward to a fun weekend.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's with Mimi

Mimi came into town on Wednesday for the weekend to give me a break and Mike and I some time together. It has been a rough couple of weeks so she agreed to come give me a hand. PTL!!!
Saturday she took the kids to Build A Bear and made bears with them. Priss got a kitty cat and bubba got a koala bear. They are too adorable. Priss was so cute and patient standing in line with Mimi waiting for her turn.

Bubba really liked his bear and enjoyed chewing on him.

Bubba watched the lady very carefully stuff his koala.

What a big handsome boy

Priss wasn't sure how she felt about her bear being stuffed

Thank you Mimi for coming to help and for making Valentine's special for the kids.

Bubba and the Washing Machine

Our friend Molly came over to see us the other day and she was helping me fix my camera (she is a very talented photographer). She took a few pics of the kids trying to get the settings right on my camera I feel like they always look hazy. Bubba had fun chewing on her knee. It was great to visit with her for a while before she had to go back to her busy life in Indianapolis. Thanks for spending some time with us. I'm sure that she would not love me saying she took the pics since they were just testers to set my camera. She is so good!

It looks like he is about to dive right in.

Whenever Bubba is in his walker and goes missing I can almost always bet that he is in the laundry room watching the washing machine. He is infatuated with it! He will sit there for what seems like forever and watch the clothes go round and round. If you pull him away and take him back in the kitchen he will run right back.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Swinging Fun

It was another warm day so we worked on finishing our fence and the kids got to play outside. bubba got to swing for the first time and you can imagine that he was all smiles and giggles. After Mike and Bubba went in I got to spend a little time with Priss and we went down the slide and played in the tree house with Aubrey. Thank the Lord for a good day of fun.

Bubba & the BIG shoes

The other night we were running to get something to eat and I ask Mike to get the kids ready and this is what he came up with. He was dressed fine but the shoes he was wearing were size 6's ! He wears a size 3!!!!!! He could not even move his little feet. The pour thing would just roll his body but his feet would not go with him. It was a good attempt though.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The sky is raining Nai Nai's

The title may sound funny but unfortunately the situation is not. I talked to my mom for a while this afternoon so when Shae called me around 4 and wanted to know when the last time I talked to mom was I was confused. I told her that I talked to her earlier and that she was going up to clean out her walk in attic. Well, apparently (we are not sure how in happened) mom stepped on a week part of the ceiling and fell through the roof and landed in the garage on the car and then bounced off the car onto the cement. I will give you a moment to process this..............
OK are you ready to continue?
Mom is currently at the hospital unsure as to whether she can come home. She has broken her L1 L2 and L3 vertebrae and has a partially collapsed lung. There is nothing that they can do for any of her problems they will all have to heal naturally. They were taking more x-rays of her lung to ensure that it had not collapsed farther before deciding on whether she can go home or not. They believe that she will be out of commission for many weeks. Understandably!
If needed I think the kids and I will go down and spend a few days helping them out and getting the boys to and from school and fed. I can only imagine the pain that she will be in for quite a while. Please pray for her that she will have a quick recovery, and that her lung will not collapse any farther.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Answered Prayers

Sometimes I think that God has to take us out of our comfort zone for a while to remind us to be thankful for the things that he has given us. As many of you know things have been very rocky with Mike's job and we have been wondering how much longer that he would have one. I know that I have been praying what seems like hourly for God to provide him with a new job. Now, knowing that is not how God always works I technically have been praying that God put us where he wants us and if Oak Meadow is that place just please provide that payroll be met. I understand that God may want us to stay in Evansville and although throwing in the towel and moving on would be much easier it may not be in God's will for us. Well, the past few days I believe that God has been giving me some answers. Perhaps not the ones I was expecting or hoping for but answers none the less. First, we found out that a job that we thought Mike had a great shot at, was given to someone one who was BFF with the owner. No interviews, no calls, just under the table here have the job its yours kind of business. Bummer I know! Another job that Mike had a great in at they are only looking at local candidates first then if they don't find anyone they will look outside the area. Again, bummer! Well, two days ago O. M. released its new membership program and to say the least Mike can not do anything but answer his phone for the people flooding him with interest in the new program. Woo Hoo!!! I have thought from the beginning that if God wanted us to leave He would provide a job but if we were to stay perhaps things would work out with the club. I do not pretend to know what God has in store for our lives, but I do believe that He is not finished with us in Evansville. So for now I believe that there is a purpose for us being here. Thank you to all who have been praying for us and Mike's job. Please continue to do so and for Mike's sanity. He has a very hard job ahead of him and I know that he is more than capable, but still it is a lot of work for one person.

Second, as you also know I have been about to loose my sanity. The past few weeks have been very tough with the kids and on Thursday I found out that I have mastitis. As if things could not get worse. It seems to pour when it rains. The past few years have been very hard to accept the fact that we have no family help and are basically on our own with our children. Luckily I do have Judi to help me occasionally, I think I would truly go insane without her. While I love my children dearly and love being at home with them the concept of being able to shower by myself or run in a store and it not take me 20 minutes to load and unload would be mind blowing. I realize that we make the decision to live away from family but it is not anything you ever get used to. I can't remember the last time I had dinner or even a conversation with Mike without a child crying or needing something. Anyways, trying desperately to find any diversion possible I emailed a few friends and recommended that we start a playgroup. They both loved it. They are two young families like us with two kids each within 6 months of each of our kids. PTL!!! Well, around 3 this afternoon I walked outside to get the mail and realized that it was 60 degrees so I quickly dressed and loaded up the kids. We were headed for the park! Unfortunately, the park was still covered in snow and ice. We played for 5 minutes and had to leave. Madi quickly let me know she did not want to go home so we headed for the play area at the mall. There was a little girl that I knew I recognized and sure enough it was Hallie Kate with her grandfather (the daughter of one of the girls I mentioned earlier). I introduced myself and the girls quickly began playing and the grandfather and I chatted. I have to thank this kind gentlemen who sat with me for around an hour or more. It was wonderful to just talk to another adult and enjoy hearing about someone else's life. He treated me as though he had known me for years and that was exactly what I needed. A friend! The girls had a wonderful time playing and they shared goldfish and yogos. He even held Bubba for a few minutes giving me two empty hands: what a concept. I believe that God knows when we have came to the end of our ropes and then he sends us Angels to help us and guide us and tonight this very kind grandfather was my Angel. So, for tonight I do not feel quite as lonely and at the end of my rope as I have. For tonight, my little Priss is very happy and had a wonderful time playing with her new friend and walking thru the mall with her mom. For tonight, my husband seems optimistic about his job for the first time in a long time which makes me happy and will be one less thing that I will worry about before I can fall asleep. For tonight, well lets face it, Bubba is always happy (thank you God for that). For tonight, I am thanking God for the prayers that he has answered and am looking forward to what else He is going to do in our lives.

So, please continue to remember our family in your prayers and thank you for all the prayers that you have said already. Now, we will see what tomorrow will hold.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fun with Dad

Both of our kids love to play in the floor with Mike. They find it so hysterical and amusing to be able to crawl all over him and use him as a jungle gym. Luckily, Mike doesn't mind! Bubba has quickly learned how to hang on and have fun. They both love to be thrown in the air and tossed around. You can turn Bubba upside down and he will instantly start to giggle.