Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful

Well for once the weather man was right and we now have and inch of ice and around a foot of snow. Yes you heard me correctly. We lost power around two this morning and luckily our good friends the Hahns are taking us in. Thank the Lord for good friends. We are currently at the course for Mike to check on things. Snow is still coming down by the barrels and we do not know when it will stop. To top it all off temps are not going to be above freezing until Sunday. We could be in for a while. We spent the whole night listening to trees crack and pop and the Aubrey going crazy hearing them. It was a long night. The house was only 62 when we got up this morning. Well, we are off to our slumber party. If you need us we have our cell phones. Good luck to everyone and we will talk to you soon.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow & Ice

The weather man had forcasted us to get quite a bit of ice and then between 8-12 inches of snow I believe. So, we had some excitement when we woke up this morning. Priss loves the snow and Bubba hates it because of all the garb he has to wear. Well, we had just had breakfast and I was in the recliner with Bubba and Priss brings me a pair of sandals to put on her. So, just thinking she was playing dress up I put them on her. Well, the next thing I knew she had opened the back door and was headed out. So, I decided to just get us dressed and go play. Priss had so much fun. I do believe that we will be spending a lot of time outside the next few days. If only Possum and Squirrel were here its just not the same without them.

Shirley Temple/AKA Priss

As a mother you have these visions of what having a little girl is going to be like: you dream that they will have long thick beautiful hair, you dream that they will say "mommy curl my hair, mommy brush my hair, mommy i love it when you fix my hair" well then you have a little girl she does have long beautiful hair, but instead: it is paper thin, and she says squeals and says "no no i don't want you to touch my hair, no that hurts, or ouchhhhhh!) Get the picture? Well I have always wanted to see if I could sponge roll priss's hair (mom use to do ours constantly) and she finally let me last night. Now keep in mind that it took quite a bit of bribery and quite a few ouchhh's but I love the finished result. It has relaxed a lot this morning, but it is a nice change from her paper thin straight hair.

Late Christmas

When we got home on Sunday night I put Bubba's christmas present together that we didn't get to bring home with us Christmas due to the fact that we were so loaded down we had zero room. Mimi and Papa brought it to us this weekend. Bubba loved it but Priss was soooo excited! Priss will not leave it alone. Bubba is still a little small for it but it will not be long. Priss found Mike's sunglasses and had some fun with them. She thought she was hot stuff running around in them. You can imagine how thrilled Mike was, but she was too cute to get upset with.
thanks again for the toy mimi and papa

The drive home

I would have to say that my children were angels on the 7 hour trip home from Jen's on Sunday. They never slept at the same time, but were good enough that the other could stay asleep. Madi even decided that for a while she needed to hold Bubba's hand. It was precious until she realized that I was watching her then she quickly threw his hand down and started being "Priss" again. She loves him so much as long as no one sees her loving him. When we got back into town we picked up Aubrey Mae and Bubba had a wonderful time trying to catch her tail. He tried so hard and thought it was hysterical moving in front of his hand.

The Strain's

We tried to get a family shot while we had Aunt Jen to take some. They actually turned out quite well. I was very pleased with them. (thanx Jen) Madi started crying and I had to bribe her with candy and Bubba wouldn't let go of his toy, but they are still cute. They are real life!

Monday, January 26, 2009

First's for Bubba

Bubba is into first this week. Over this weekend Bubba crawled, sat by himself and had a tooth break through. My baby is growing up. He is hitting so many milestones right now it is unbelievable. Here is a video of the first time he crawled. He is doing very well. Before I know it I will not be able to contain him at all. Enjoy!

Kids at Play

Reese and Priss had such a wonderful time together this past weekend. From the moment that we arrived to the moment that we left they were playing. We hardly even saw them, they stayed up in Reese's room playing away. Priss would just follow him around wherever he went. In the pictures they are jumping on the air mattress (one of madis favorite games). We tried to get them all together for a group shot but that was not going to happen. They all had places that they wanted to sit and it did not happen to be together.

Mike & Mimi's Surprise Party

Papa & James Ryan
Madi giving the b'day boy a kiss

Our good friends Derek & Kenna from Lawrence
They are expecting twin girls this spring
Priss fell asleep with her hand in her goldfish cup.
Mimi hanging out with her friends for the first time in a long time.

This is part of Clint & Brenda's close friends from Chanute. We were missing two couples that could not make it.

Babe & Mo had a wonderful time holding the babies.

This past weekend we had Mike & Brenda a surprise party. Amazingly, we managed to get four couples from Chanute and three others from Lawrence over to Jen's without either finding out. A few weeks ago I got the bright idea that it would be fun if we all got together at Jen's to see the new baby and celebrate birthdays. So, Jen and I started planning a big party with all of their friends from Chanute and Lawrence. Surprisingly, almost everyone was able to attend. Brenda thought that some people were coming over to surprise Mike but had no idea they were coming for her. So, around 11 she took Mike to shop for shoes and when they came back they both had a big surprise waiting for them. We all had such a wonderful time visiting with friends that we had not seen in years for some. I think it was exactly what we all needed.
Thank you all for coming and making Mike and Brenda's birthdays so special. I know that you all had to drive a ways and sacrifice part of your weekend to make it happen and i am so grateful to you all.
Happy Birthday Mimi! Thank you for all that you do and all that you are. You are an amazingly caring and giving person that we are all so blessed to have in our lives. We love you so much and were thrilled to get to share these memories with you.
Happy Birthday Mike! You are the best husband, dad, son, brother and friend anyone could ask for. Thank you for all of your hard work for our family. I know the sacrifices you make for us and I will always love you for making them. You have always been my soul mate and my forever friend. I can't wait to celebrate the next 100 birthdays with you. I love you.

Bubba gets in Trouble Again

Well I guess my days of having a sweet innocent baby boy are over!!! Bubba got into trouble AGAIN! Priss had been eating some trail mix and left the bag on the floor and before I could catch him had grabbed the bag and started shaking. He had a blast! I try not to be one of those anal moms so at first I thought it was funny until he realized there was food in front of him and started picking things up and eating them, and then almost immediately started choking. He's Fine! As you can see he thought it was hysterical and Priss just sat back and watch. I wonder what was going through her mind..... "oooh mom is going to be so mad....i did that one time and she spanked me for it and made me pick every drop up.....i got to get a front row seat for this...finally he does something wrong for a change...what.... shes not mad......wait a minute....that's not fair.....why do i get in everything that brat does is cute.....well let me see what i can get away with then......" OK so maybe that's not exactly what went through her head but I bet it is pretty darn close.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Silly Priss

Priss seems to be growing up more and faster by the second. She is talking so much and telling us how she feels and what she wants. I have been helping him do some painting, cleaning and organizing at the Golf Shop and today when we pulled in the drive she instantly recognized where we were. "Daddy!!!!" she exclaimed "I'm coming daddy, I'm coming!" she said this the whole way up the drive. Then tonight (Mike had a late board meeting) after bath time normally Mike would be getting her to bed while I fed Bubba and got him to sleep, she was sitting on the couch in her pjs very patiently, like OK I know that I am suppose to be put to bed now. Suddenly she looks at me very seriously and says "Mom where's daddy? Daddy?" She knew that her dad was suppose to be here. Needless to say it is 10:43 and she is still up waiting for her daddy. He will hopefully be home soon. So, we have had a snack (rice) and are hanging out. She is actually quite fun to be with now that she can talk and communicate with you.

OK to explain the pictures! Priss has always been a very independent little girl and now her thing is clothes. She wants to wear certain things and take them on and off herself. This week bathing suites are the hot item (just to clue y'all in better get yours out). You can see that wearing two makes it even hotter! HAHAHAHAHA she got them on herself.
Well there is never a dull day with Priss around.