Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bubba's Theme Song

We were in the family room playing and Bubba started "his" dance and this song came to mind and made me think of him. So, I am claiming it as Bubba's Theme Song!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Perfect Baby Gift

So, I have made a few of these projects before, but I believe that today I created the perfect new baby gift. I love the way that everything turned out. My sister in law's good friend after three boys just had a little girl. So, me being the AMAZING sister in law that I am (snicker, snicker), offered to make her something special. I hope that she enjoys it and her new little girl.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Gingerbread House 2009

We were suppose to both act like we were eating it, she left me hanging

Making a gingerbread house has been a tradition for more years than I can remember. I remember making them with my "little" brother Kyle and how much fun we had together. My first year that Mike and I were married my wonderful mother in law actually got me one and she and I did it together. I think every year except for the Christmas right after I had Miss Priss I have made one with someone. Last year Shae and I made them with the kids. Well, this year it was just Priss and I and it was awesome. For obvious reasons Bubba Love was not invited and we waited until he had gone to bed. I put it together and iced it and Priss did 85% of the decorating. I have to say that when I iced the first side of the roof then turned it to her to decorate while I iced the other side, I was shocked with what she had done. It amazes me how much she has grown and how big she is when her brother is not around. He tries so hard to be big and she tries so hard to be little. She was amazing tonight! We laughed and talked and she told me what she needed me to do and she was just wonderful to be with. She kept on telling me that she needed more icing sugars to put her candy on. I'm not sure where she got the term from. I cracked up when she told Mike to go sit down that she was doing this with mommy. Well, the tradition continues and hopefully next year we will be able to let Bubba Love or maybe we will have a competition between the boys and the girls. Enjoy the pictures and the video and in case I haven't said it. Happy Holidays! It has been great so far, I'm so excited about the holidays! Just remember that all that matters is being with the people that you love and that make you happy.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My first quilt

Here are the individual squares laid out before I started sewing them together.
Together with the first border!

Second border and binding before the wash!

All Finished

A peek at the back! Nothing fancy, just something simple.

Me with my baby, I have to say I am very proud of it. This better stay in the family for forever!

I found this quilt pattern when we were in Michigan back in October and have been trying to decide who I was going to make it for. After I decided who was getting it for Christmas the next part which seemed impossible was finding the fabrics. They are all flannel! I fell in love with the pattern because I could do the whole thing myself: you quilt each square as you go. It was such a long, hard project but with a lot of help with the kids from Mike I finally finished it this afternoon. I'm not going to say who it is for (they don't look at computers, so I'm fairly safe) but I can't wait until Christmas to give it to them. I have to say it will be very hard to part with.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

No more baby bed

This is how I found him this morning. He doesn't like covers so I guess this was his only way of escaping them.
Miss Priss getting in on everything.
His new curtains. Poor Mike I thought he would go nuts before he got
all three curtain rods hung.

My happy Bubba Love

Miss Priss's new curtains I made her.

To think that for the first time in over 3 1/2 years I do not have a baby bed in my house is unbelievable. I am not even sure what to think about no more washing bumper pads or moving that think out from the wall to make it or just the fact that I will never put a child in a baby bed is a hard pill to swallow. Now I know what some of you are thinking, " what are you whining about you were so sure you never wanted more children." Yes you are right and I do still feel that way but the fact that the two that I have are done with it is so hard. My babies are growing up way too fast. Last night we were at a Christmas party and the baby sitter called me and said that Bubba Love would not go to sleep and that he was knocking his bed against the wall he was shaking it so hard. I told her just to let him stay up that we would be home soon. When we got home I gave him more milk and then put him in the twin bed and within a few minutes he was sound asleep. It was a sign! Not even a sign as it was that my baby was telling me that he no longer wanted to sleep in the confining crib, but he wanted to be big and free. I truly believe that our children in one way or another tell us everything that we need to know it is simply up to us to listen to what they are telling us. So after church today I started redoing his room, short one baby bed. He loved it, he even got his toy box in his room. The kids stayed back there most of the afternoon playing and then sure enough at nap time for the first time in forever he laid right down and went to sleep. So the rest of the day was spent working on hanging him curtains to keep some of the light out and then I had to make Priss new ones since I took her old ones.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Miss Priss is 3

Her is the b'day girl getting ready for her night out in the dress I made her this afternoon. She loved it and kept on trying to blow out the candles.
Miss Priss opening her presents from mommy and daddy this morning she even managed to sneak in one Christmas present when I wasn't looking. Silly Priss

Her favorite spot: her daddy's stolders!

bubba showing off his moves

Loving some cheese dip and chips her favorite

With daddy's help the candles weren't so scary

It's hard to believe that three short years ago we were living across the US in Arizona and were still in awe of the new blessing we had received. Now we are in Indiana and still have days of awe over Miss Priss and the blessings she brings to our lives daily. She is incredibly stubborn, she will amaze you with how smart she is and the ways her mind works, she is the biggest sweetheart when she chooses to be. She fills your heart with so much love. Today I got out her baby book and was showing her the pictures from the hospital and I could not convince her that it was not Bubba. I tried to spend most of my day just hanging with her. I was in the recliner holding her and she said "mommy rock me to sleep", I thought my heart would melt thinking that I may never hear those words again. She gets so much bigger and more independent every day. We had a great day and this evening we took her and Bubba downtown to the children's museum and they had a blast. At Priss's request we had Mexican for dinner and then finally we made it home to have cupcakes and blow out the candles. She has been asking for them all day. I think she had a great 3rd b'day. We love you Miss Priss you have been such an unexpected blessing to our lives. We can't wait for next 100 yrs with you.

Monday, November 23, 2009

My baby is gone

I want to cry Bubba Love went to sleep all by himself in his twin "big boy" bed. We will see if he stays in it all night.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Priss's Scotty Dog

I had made a small one of these for something else and Priss fell in love and insisted that it was hers and that if it wasn't that she wanted to know where hers was. So, being the "wonderful" mother that I am I immediately made her one and put it away for Christmas. I can't wait to see her face when she opens up the box to find her "larger" puppy. I must admit this is one of the perks to sewing: when you want something instead of running around town or searching the web for hours you simply make it yourself and most every time it turns out to be exactly what you wanted. I love it and hope that she does to!!!!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009



Bubba got pudding for the first time tonight and LOVED it!!!!