Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bubba Love's 1st Christmas

Well this has been a semi-relaxing few days. Last weekend Mike's family came in to town and took Madison home with them. So, Bubba and I have a few days to ourselves. We have slept in everyday and just relaxed and enjoyed each other. After looking at my calendar which seems to be jammed packed for the rest of the year, I decided it would be the perfect time to get my Christmas put up. Yes, I understand it is October, but if only you could see my calendar. Also, I knew it would be much faster without an extra set of little hands "helping". I do love Priss but sometimes she is the wrong kind of help. Bubba, however, was the perfect help. He watched me and talked to me the whole time. He was mesmerized by the lights!!!

Tonight my sweet Bubba had a photo shoot with all of the trees. He was so precious sitting like a big boy and smiling at mom. I do believe he has enjoyed his time alone with me as I know that Madi has enjoyed her time with Mimi & Papa. I am not quite thru decorating, but it is a start. Enjoy, and let Bubba and I be the first to say "Happy Holiday Season"!!!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Mimi brought Miss Priss a whole new bag full of hair bows from the craft show in Arkansas so we were in desperate need of some room. So, I decided to make her a new hair bow holder and few other cute things. I felt like a girl needed some pictures of her BFF in her room.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Joy of Family

It amazes me how close Priss & Squirrel have become, and it makes me so happy to think that they will grow up together. When we leave Priss walks around the house for days asking for Squirrel & Possum.
I am not sure how we managed to get two such beautiful children. I feel so blessed to have them in my life and do not know where I would be without them. Thank you God for everything about them.

These two pictures are my favorites. Anyone who knows my grandmother knows that the moment a camera turns up she instantly quits smiling and looks away. These are the best pictures I have seen of her in years. I hope that Bubba will cherish these pictures for forever.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our new "Niece"

Today has such a bittersweet day, Aunt Megan and Uncle Zack welcomed Ava Kimberly into the world today. She made her grand entrance at 12:52 pm, weighing 8 lbs 3 ozs, 20 inches (just like bubba love). We are so happy for them and so sad that we could not be there. Megan is my dearest friend in the world (next to you Shae) and I have missed her more than words could say over the past year and today she gave birth to Ava. Ava has already given her mother a run for her money in the womb with a very difficult pregnancy I can only imagine what she will be like. Ava is a baby that Uncle Z and Aunt Meg fought to have and deserve it more than anyone. I can still remember the day that I had to tell Meg that I was pregnant with Bubba Love. She had already had several miscarriages and was struggling to find peace and comfort with what she was going thru and then me with my over fertile uterus had to end up unexpectedly pregnant. We both cried for forever and hated how unfair it was. We never thought that we would arrive at today. I know that Meg is so excited, overwhelmed, overjoyed and thankful all at the same time. Mike was just saying this morning that he would give anything if we could just jump on the next plane and head over to be with them. They arrived in Tucson when Madison was not even a month old. Megan and I quickly became the closest of friends and she kept Madi for me the first few months I went back to work. They were the only "family" that Madison knew for the first year of her life and all Mike and I had. Words could never express how much we love and miss them. We are truly so happy for them and can not wait to see Ava in December. Just so everyone knows Meg and I have stepped back into the golden age and have spoken for our children: Ava is Bubba's future wife!!!!! Meg and I are determined to be family no matter what!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Pig Cake

Here is the finished Pig cake. Didn't it turn out amazing? My sister is much more creative and patient than I am.

I love it! Shae keeps asking me what I want for Madi's b-day. Hmmm whatever will I choose? Maybe Dorothy the Dinosaur?

I think this is my favorite picture to date of Bubba love!
Here is NeiNei with three of the babies. Madi had had a very long day of playing and could just not keep her eyes open any longer.

Fun in Kentucky

The kids have been playing so well together. I do believe that even Uncle Kyle & Uncle Kamren have enjoyed the little ones.
Uncle JoJo sent Madison in to get Bubba and myself out of bed this morning (apt. 6:45 was too late) so Bubba was not very happy and tried his best to go back to sleep with NeiNei and Uncle Kamren. How would you like to have to sleep with three little ones playing?
I was so proud of Madi she learned how to drive the jeep today. Uncle Kam says it was all due to his expert teaching skills!??!?!?
The kids were all dressed up for revival last night with Mawmaw Overton.
Madi was "helping" Aunt ShaeShae with Squirrel's b-day cake. We are having a "pig"party!

Aunt ShaeShae had many "bosses" in the kitchen.

Squirrel was very excited when she woke up from her nap and found her almost complete pig cake. Stay tuned for more excitement from Kentucky!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Getting Ready for the Party

Tonight the kids and I were getting ready for Squirrel's birthday party this weekend. Madi wanted to help me with the wrapping and then wrote "special" messages to squirrel on the card. I am so glad that Shae and I's girls are close to each other. Bubba just watched he didn't join in on the action.