Sunday, September 28, 2008

The General Manager

I am pleased to say that it is official Mike is now the General Manager of Oak Meadow Country Club!! Yes, you read correctly General Manager!!!! Although I am two weeks late announcing it, I wanted everyone to know. When I met Mike 5 years ago that was something that he told me was that one of his career goals was to be a G.M. and maybe even some day own his own course. Now did he ever think it would happen at 26, probably not but it did. Mike is very talented at what he does and possibly one of the best. So when the opportunity came around so soon he was ecstatic. He was officially name G.M. two Thursday's ago and to celebrate I threw him a surprise party with our closest friends. You can see them in the first picture. They took it a step further and came up with a surprise of their own. We have been blessed with wonderful friends every where we have lived. The Morris's and the Hahn's have taken us in to their circle and mean the world to us. They are our family here so I was so happy that they were able to share this wonderful moment with us. We are all so proud of Mike and his accomplishment and know that he will do wonderful. Congratulations friend I am so proud of you and thank you for all that you have done for our family. We love you, Me, Madison, Makenzie & Mae

The Orchard

Our story begins in Bowling Green, Ky at the Apple Orchard. On Wednesday morning the kids and I traveled over to B.G. to meet my sister and kids so that we could watch Squirrel while Possum had his pre-op. Possum is having his tonsils, adenoids and a tube in his ear removed Friday morning. The kids and I were headed to Alabama for a visit afterwards and I thought it would be perfect if Squirrel came along so that Joel & Shae wouldn't have to worry about her while they were taking care of Possum. Yes I realize what many of you are thinking. You are thinking that I must have lost my mind traveling with three children under the age of 2. I figure what is one more.....really? After Possum was done at the hospital Shae and I were going to head to an apple orchard and pumpkin patch before I headed out. Well it was lunch time and Shae "thought" there was a Macadonalds on the way, but she was mistaken. So we arrive at the orchard with nothing but goldfish, juice and all the pies and ice cream they can eat. We naturally chose the goldfish. After a quick snack we were off to see the goats, play in the hay maze and down to the pumpkin patch. What Shae and I didn't know was that the wagons don't run except on the weekends so if we are going to see pumpkins we are going to have to walk and push 4 children.....a really long way. Well, here we go! After what felt like forever we arrived at the small patch (the big one was entirely too far away) and the kids were ecstatic! The ran and played and tried to pick the pumpkins. They all had a wonderful time and when we trucked it back up to the barn we gave them ice cream an apple slushes which were quite good. They even posed for some pictures although we did have some fights over who was going to get to hold baby Kenzie. Well, except for Priss who could care less....imagine that! After we were done I loaded my three and we headed for Alabama. Squirrel was so excited that she barely even told Shae & Possum bye she was so afraid that we would leave without her. Luckily, they were all asleep within 10 minutes and slept for the first half of the trip. They were amazing the whole way and I could not have asked for them to be better. The only occurrence we had was when Squirrel (who is potty-trained) right after we stopped started yelling she needed to go potty(2). Once I got stopped a little later and was standing there waiting for her, she looked up at me and in a devilish grin smiled and said that she didn't really need to go then laughed. She just wanted to get out of the car. We made it to Winfield in good time and began our visit.

Family Fun

On Thursday night (which was Aunt Lisa and Aunt Cris's b'days) we all were at Nana Bama's and Papa's house. We loved seeing cousin Avery and Bailey, and Priss got to hang out with Cris sho is probably her favorite in Alabama. She has always loved her. The kids did not want to sit still with Papa for a picture.

Pretty Princess's

On Thursday I ran in the little dollar store and found these adorable outfits for the girls. They loved them and ran around in them the rest of the day. When we went over to Nana Bama's and Papa's later Papa pulled the princess's around in their "chariot".

Cousinly Love

As you can see Squirrel and Priss have become great friends. On Thursday night they both begged to be able to sleep in the same bed. Those of you who know me know that I am very strict about sleep time and you simply get put in your bed and have to stay there and if you do get up you go right back. I was a little reluctant at first, but the first night was a little rocky so I figured it couldn't hurt. Well, I laid them down kissed them good night and then listened. I could hear them talking in bed for a while and then they quickly went to sleep. However I do believe that Squirrel did first because I could hear Priss say "swiral" many times over and over as if asking if she were asleep. My sweet little priss. Squirrel can carry on full conversations but Priss is not quite there hers is a little more gibberish. Luckily, they slept all thru the night without a peep. Praise the Lord!!!!! You can see them hugging on each other in the pictures I do believe they will miss each other. I am so thankful that Shae and I live close enough now that they will know each other. I never dreamed I would live so close to any family again. When we got home from papas cousin Olivia was there and Aunt Lisa (shown) quickly organized them for a few pictures. She made sure that we got them together. She is not a person that you tell NO to, no matter your age!!!! In the end they ended up making a "Swiral" sandwich! (That was for you Z&M)

Mawmaw Barbs

Friday Mawmaw Barb cooked dinner for everyone and even Cousin Kimberly & Olivia came with us. After dinner the girls played around outside for a while and had some fun. Aunt Debbie came by and took some pictures so hopefully she got some of her amazing shots of the kids. I don't think anyone takes pictures as good as her. Although, the kids are getting impossible to take pictures of imagine that, they won't sit still. Can you believe it? HAHAHAHAHA! Now we are off to the carnival!

The Carnival with Papa

On Saturday night after an amazing dinner at Mawmaw Barb's daddy and I took the girls to the Carnival. They had such a good time they would walk from ride to ride holding hands. They have definitely enjoyed each others company this trip and loved it when i took them down the potato sack slide. Yes the very very tall slide that you sit on the potato sacks to slide down. They went up just giggling and showed no fear. I have to be honest my stomach dropped a little as I was walking up the long staircase to the top, but not them. They thought it was wonderful. I let Priss sit on my lap and then I held Squirrels hand. Daddy had Kenzi so there are no pictures...sorry. It was a fun trip and I got to see a few people from high school. The girls were so tired at the end that they would not even ride the last ride they were climbing out of it. Thank you Papa for a great time.