Monday, May 26, 2008

Madison's new bed

So now it's official, she is a little girl. No longer is there a converted baby bed in her room or a diaper stacker or changing table. Just a little girl in a little bed. SHE LOVES IT! We made a big deal about her getting to shop for her new bed and help pick it out. Then that we were giving her bed to bubba, because he would need it and she was a big sister now. Well, she helped us put it together and then she climbed right in she even helped us fix his. She is so grown up. I am not sure what happened to my baby. Naturally, Aubrey Mae was surveying the situation. I am not sure how she is handling all the changes. Madison I believe is loving it. I'm not quite through fixing her bed, but it will do for now.

Finishing Makenzie's room

I suppose it should feel good to be "done and ready" with Makenzie's room, but I guess that means that it is about time to "have" him. Some times I am not sure that I will ever feel ready for 2 under 2. Well, his room is ready and I just love it. Madison could not resist getting in the pictures. We hope that she will not mind giving him her bed. Time will tell.

Fun with Mimi & Papa Strain

Hi everyone- well we spent a fun weekend with Mimi & Papa Strain (Mike's parents). They took us to Holiday World in Santa Clause, IN and you can only imagine the fun that Madison had. As you can see there were many rides for her and she loved them. She would go from one to the next. Pointing and shaking her head instructing Papa to take her to the next one. The seahorses were her favorite. Poor Mike spent the entire time trying to win her a huge stuffed animal. I think he spent her college fund trying. Hehe! No, we had a great time. Thank you Mimi & Papa can't wait to see you guys again. Love M, M & M

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Beach Fun

What a fun week! As many of you know Melanie, myself, Madison, Makayla and Jonathan just returned from Orange Beach, AL. We left last Friday and drove all night to meet Nana Bama and Papa for the week. We drove all night long which was surprisingly nice (all the kids slept) and arrived at 4:30 in the morning. The kids were so excited they were ready to hit the beach. Madison was very cautious she was not sure how she felt about the vastness of the ocean, and didn't like it when her face and hands got covered in sand. She loved the water as long as someone would carry her out in it and hold her the entire time. Makayla, well we couldn't keep her out of the water she loved it. Makayla is definitely our beach bum. Jonathan was so busy being worried about his sister or the wind taking our umbrellas or someone else he had a hard time enjoying himself. However, when he did he loved building sand castles and forts with papa. The sand castles and forts were tragically demolished very quickly by the girls. They thought it was hilarious. Poor papa he could barely get it out of the mold when one of them would come wipe it out. The beach and three children under the age of three was interesting but such a great time. Tuesday night nana and papa took us on a dolphin cruise! The kids loved it!!! Nana and Papa were exhausted from chasing after them the whole time. They wanted to run from one end of the boat to the other. When the dolphins started following the boat and jumping up the kids lit up. Madison would smile and giggle when she saw them. We had such a wonderful time we just hated that their daddies missed the fun. Watching children explore new things and see the ocean for the first time is so special. Thank you Nana and Papa for the wonderful vacation the kids will have these memories for forever and so will we.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Madison and the big girl bed

Well yesterday was a very big day for Madison she had her first day in her converted bed. To some of you this may not be a big deal, but some of you understand that for Madison this is huge. This is about freedom- the freedom to get in and out of bed as she pleases, and her having the ability to make the choice on her own to stay in bed. I have been trying to get her to sleep in a toddler bed for a month now, because I need her bed for Makenzie. The thought of two baby beds in one house is to much for me. Yesterday morning I went to get her out of bed and to my horror she was straddling her front rail. Yes, one leg over and sitting on the top holding on ready to fall out at any moment. That was the moment I realized that I had to do something. For whatever reason the thought never occurred to me to convert her baby bed into the daybed. She is very attached to her bed and does not want to give it up. So I took the front off of it, and she lit up. She loved that she still had her bed but could now come and go as she pleases. Now I had to get her a rail for safety purposes (she is a very active sleeper). Now as you can see she has her little stool to get in and out on her own and she loves it. Whenever it is time to go to bed she walks in and climbs and and lays down waiting for you to cover her up. Now we may have to go back and escort her back to bed a few times, but the end result is making the decision on her own to stay in which is huge for our little girl. She amazes us daily at how smart she is. Mike was trying to get her to bed last night and she was not ready, but she couldn't reach the door handle to get out of her room. Mike found her with her step stool up by the door standing on it with the door open. Now the only thing preventing her from leaving was the stool blocking the door. Mike said that when he tried to open the door and she was in the way that she hopped down and grabbed her stool and ran back over to her bed with it and was scurrying back into her bed trying to act all innocent. She never stops learning and surprising us. Keep in mind she is only 17 months old. Well at the end of the day she took two naps and slept all night in her bed without getting out once. It was certainly a "BIG" day for Madison.

So I guess I am back blogging. Madison has been sick for the past few days so I have not had any extra time. Last week it seemed like it did nothing but rain, and for little girls there is nothing worse than rain to ruin your day. Madison however on Thursday was determined not to allow the rain to ruin her afternoon. "If you can't beat join it she thought" and out she went. She actually loved playing in it and kept looking up trying to figure out where it was coming from. It took Mike and I the rest of the afternoon to convince her that she did not want to play in it anymore. She actually went back out two or three more times. Don't worry it was still 70 degrees so she wasn't freezing just very wet.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Today as some of you may know is Mike and I's 3 year anniversary. So, Mike took the day off to spend with us. However, when you are an adult with a house to take care of the work never stops. Lucky for Mike he has his own personal assistant and as you can see in one of the pictures "Forman Aubrey Mae" to ensure that the work gets completed properly. Madison loves to help her daddy mow the grass. She is always close behind him with her mower. It's moments like these that I think we will remember for forever. I have a feeling she will not always want to help him mow or do anything else for that matter.

Bubble fun

Yesterday Madison had lots of fun playing outside with her bubbles. They are definitely one of her favorites. Although I'm not sure that eating them is the intended use, but whatever makes them happy. RIGHT?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's a boy...REALLY

Here he is Mr. Makenzie! His head is turned sideways and there is a slight "flash" above his right eye from my camera. He is sucking on his fingers if you can make that out and his other arm is on the top left. Mike decided to go with us and beg for another sonogram to confirm the gender and they are 100% sure that he's a boy. Much to my relief after all the work I have put into his room. Dr. Hastetter says taht everything is going great and on schedule!

Madison gets her ears pierced

Hi everyone- Today was a big day for Madison she got her ears pierced! She only cried for a minute and was very grown up about it. Mike and I both agree that it makes her look like the princess that she is. Now all she needs is her first set of pearls to go with her necklace.