Monday, December 15, 2008

Tucson Trip

I ask Mike if he would make a video of our trip, he is so good at that stuff and I was pleasantly surprised when around an hour later he called me in to see it. It turned out so good and shows what our trip to Tucson was about.

For Mike and I it was about family, Our Family, Zack, Megan and now Ava are our family. Family that we missed more than we allowed ourselves to feel and now my heart breaks thinking of how long it will be before we see them again. It amazed me how instinctively Madison took to them and them to her as if no time had passed. A year had gone by and she embarrassed them like she did a year ago. I have never seen her be so "herself" with "strangers" so quickly by the first night she sitting with them and playing with them. On our last night with them Madison was giving kisses and she went straight to Meg and puckered up and planted one on her. Zack responded that the trip will have been a total success when he gets a kiss. Well, not two minutes later she did. The look in there eyes priceless, the look, like you know that these people whole heatedly love your child. We just kept on saying one day, one day we will live together again. The Singletons I believe are our "soul mates" in life. We love them and miss them so much. I'm not sure how we made it through the last year without them. I know at times it has been one of the loneliest years ever.

I don't know what else to say but thank you for everything, your friendship and your love. We can't wait until next time.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Priss and Uncle Zack

This is a quick video of Priss and Zack. We took the kids to gymboree the play gym and as you will see we could not decide who had more fun. Zack or Priss? You can decide. I have lots more pictures to post and I will tomorrow. Priss has not been sleeping so we are trying to go to bed earlier and get some sleep.

Madi's Party with Uncle Z & Aunt Meg

Uncle Z and Aunt Meg had many surprises for Madison when we arrived Meg had a party and cake all ready for Priss along with toooooo many presents. For the first two days that we were here, Madi opened a new present every time I turned around. I do believe that they have missed her. She has done so well. It is like no time has passed between them. She got so excited tonight when Zack got home from work she ran to the door and squealed with excitement. She can even say their names. At first Meg didn't know what to think of her and her "craziness" she is not the same child that she saw a year ago, but now I think she is truly enjoying her.


I had a fun time having these T-shirts made for Ava and bubba. Meg and Zack were so excited when they saw them. I don't think we had been in the door ten minutes when we were dressing them up and taking pictures of them. Sorry the pics are blurry Madi had fingerprints on my lens from the plane trip.

The Very Long Plane Ride

I'm not sure where our heads were when we scheduled our flights to Tucson, but until the day of the flight did we realize that we had a 4 hour plane ride in front of us. Bubba was perfect as usual and Priss was amazing considering. She decided to take a nap in the airport during our 3 hour layover so she waked up just in time to get back on the plane. Towards the end standing on her head and taking pictures with me and of the plane where what it took to occupy her until we landed. PTL we made it to Tucson.

Madison's Birthday Party

Madison's 2nd birthday turned out amazing. On Thursday Shae Shae, Possum & Squirrel came over for the weekend and on Friday Shae and I made Madis birthday cake. As you can see the girls wanted to help us. The cake was a complete disaster but turned out beautiful in the end. Mimi Papa and Grandma came over on Friday night and Mike and I quickly began to put together her new kitchen from Mimi and Papa. Madison absolutely loved it. Squirrel and Possum were very anxious to help her try it out but she quickly let them know that she wanted it to herself first. Luckily, she was quickly in the sharing mood and they had a wonderful time. Thank you everyone for making Madison's birhtday party so wonderful.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Madison's Birthday Day

This was he first git from us. You can see that she got so many phone calls she had
to take one while trying out her gift.
The night before her b-day Mike and I filled her room with balloons!

We did let her open one present from us on her b-day.

So yesterday on Madison's actual birthday, Mike and I tried to make
the day as special as possible.

Mike made this cake from scratch for her at work. He kept on texting me saying
I'm going to be 30 more minutes or I"ll be home soon. When he walked in the door with
her cake I understood what the delay was about.

He was so proud of it! It was the first cake he had ever baked!

I'm so thankful that Madison is blessed to have a dad who cares enough about her to bake her a cake on her b-day. He said every little girl deserves to have a cake to play in.
That is exactly what she did. She got us both plates and forks then she personally cut our pieces. She is doing great about sharing food.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Madison is 2

What a difference a year makes! I could never imagined that a year ago living in Tucson that today we would be in Indiana and my baby would be turning two.

Priss was only one day old in this picture when we went to the Niners luncheon.

Our first night home!

Getting ready to leave the hospital

Laura my doula at Madison's birth. To Laura we love and miss you.
Thank you again for making this day so special.

Our first family photo

Madison's 1/2 birthday party with Uncle Z and Aunt Meg.

These pictures are my memories and my heart. I love the saying "I never knew how much love my heart could hold until someone called me mommy."
You do not ever realize how much children change your life and your heart until you have one and the moment that you lay eyes on them you know that you are forever changed by the gift that God has given you. Two years ago I never knew how Madison's birth would change my life and change the person that I am. Thank you God for such a wonderful gift.
I love you Miss Priss. Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Better late than never, RIGHT????

OK I realize that it is December, but I forgot my camera when we went to Jen's for Reese's
b-day party and have just now got the disposable pictures developed. So, I felt like everyone
would enjoy some better late than never pics.
Bubba was a "little monster" and Priss was a fairy.

My little monster got tired.
Can you see the wet spot on Papa Strain's shoulder where Bubba had been gnawing on him.
Cousin Reese and Priss.
Madison is going to be very musical like her father.

So much love! Maybe too much love? Although he is Bubba Love!!!!
Trick or Treating with the family.

All in all we had a wonderful time. Reese had a great b-day and we got to spend a holiday together. Bubba's first halloween was successful and we are still eating on the candy.